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Cathy and the Crescents

This photo was supplied by Gary Hunt.
Cathy and the Crescents











Bottom left clockwise around Cathy (Gail) Heeringa, Sparky Heeringa, Bill Roy, Pete Garza, Denny Heeringa.

The Early Years: Sparky Harris AKA Al or Buddy Heeringa. Says the band Cathy and the Crescents (“63 – 68”)  was a family band with sister Cathy (Gail) (Vocals, keyboard) Brother Denny (Bass, vocals) Sparky (Rhythm guitar, vocals) Bill Roy (Drums)  Pete Garza (Lead guitar). All were from Central High School except Bill Roy who was from Forest Hills.


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  1. admin says:

    Just added a photo of Cathy and the Crescents supplied by Gary Hunt. Would like your help identifying the members of this band! Thank you!

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