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Wooden Nickel

Manistee/Grand Rapids – Jay Fortier (Bass, guitar, pedal steel, vocals) Al Swanson (Keyboard, guitar, banjo, vocals) Monte Klein (Guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals) Larry Foster (Drums)

Wooden Nickel – Manistee/Grand Rapids (1976 – present)

Wooden Nickel began as a loosely (un)organized reunion of three “Band X” members and a couple of other friends to play a few events in Manistee in the mid 70’s. It took on a life of its own, and through many personnel and location changes, it is still going!

A Wooden Nickel gig is, and has always been, a good-time event. Musical influences range all over the place…classic rock, country & country rock, 50’s & rockabilly, electric bluegrass, folk songs, polkas, party songs and standards from several decades…there are truly no boundaries, and no rehearsals! It is a blank slate, spontaneous and incredibly fun for players and listeners alike.



Members along the way have included (in no particular order):

  • Ed Gilbert – (Bass, guitar, vocals)
  • O.B. Fearnow – Guitar, vocals)
  • Steve Libby – (Drums)
  • Bob Doleys – (Drums)
  • Dan Hansen (RIP) – Guitar, cornet, flute, vocals)
  • Roger Tarczon – Drums)
  • Tom Jagmin – Guitar, vocals)
  • Wayne Ferrari – (Organ, bass pedals, keyboard, vocals)
  • Roger Harcourt – (Guitar, vocals)
  • Howard Wilson – (Guitar, vocals)


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