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Tanz Haus


Tales o’ the Tanz: Legendary Local Rock Palace Rises again Oct. 15 – 10/14/2004 Rick Coates


Pep Perrine’s Drums – Bob Seger System

at The Tanz Haus Acme, Mi.

Pep Perrine - Drummer - Bob Seger System







That looks like the old Tanz Haus in Acme just outside of Traverse City MI. It’s gone now but many a famous act played there in the early 60’s…

Early photo of Bob Seeger (wait till you see the drum kit) – [DFO] Drum Forum – Vintage and Modern Drumming Community

From: Northernexpress -The Youngest Candidate – 10/7/2004

ALL THAT TANZ: Memorabilia, photos and misty memories are being sought for a Tanz Haus Reunion night to commemorate the rock & roll nightclub in Acme which launched many a local band and one night stand back in the ’60s and ’70s. Streeter’s in TC is collecting the gear for a display at Ground Zero on Friday, Oct. 15. A house band and special musical guests will recapture the Tanz Haus’s spirit. Doors open at 7 p.m., $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Tanz House - Traverse City - Kingtones

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7 Responses to Tanz Haus

  1. Ron says:

    I was fortunate enough to have played the Tanz Haus around 82′ with our band ‘Damien’ out of Toledo, Ohio. I remember checking out all the pics on the wall of all the bands that had played there over the years. I knew the club had a lot of history but after reading all the information I could find about the club, I know much more. We had a blast playing there and have a few “foggy” memories. It is such a beautiful area and those of you who live around there are lucky. It would be nice if anyone could post any old pics of the club.

  2. Carrie says:

    I was a waitress and a patron at Tanz Haus for many years. I can proudly say that I can call Elmer (RIP) and Elsie Ogden good friends of mine. Tanz Haus was located north of 72 in Acme, and just north of what is now a Tom’s supermarket. Actually it is now a Kmart parking lot. We have often jokingly threatened to hold a reunion there and see what ghost we can bring up ( hopefully none from the graveyard across the road!). Sadly, “They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot”.

  3. Tom Rombouts says:

    Hi – The Tanz Haus was where the K-Mart is now. Here is a 2004 Northern Express article that gives a nice overview of its roughly 25 year history: http://www.northernexpress.com/michigan/article-1314-tales-ols-the-tanz-legendary-local-rock-palace-rises-again-oct-15.html

    (I was TCHS class of 1975!)

  4. Kevin Brown says:

    Going from memory, it was just north of the Toms’s Spartan store on 31, just south of Dock Rd.

    My parents had a house on the south end of Elk Lake from ’64-96. I used to go there with my older brothers ’67-69 and when I was in college, went their with my friends when it was a bar with alcohol. The last time I went was in ’79.

    I haven’t visited the area since ’89, so I am going from old memories.

  5. admin says:

    Al Swanson from Band X told me it was in Acme where the grocery store is now. (Kim Rush)

  6. Angie Lemon says:

    Can you tell me where the tanz haus was located?
    A friend and I went there probably in 1966 or 1967.
    We both swear it was where the Music House is now in Acme.
    Other people say it was not there, but where the K-Mart is in Acme.
    Was there ever a young adult dance club where the Music House is located in Acme?

    • admin says:


      I’m trying to get the same info that you want. I run into a guy that was much younger to have been there, but knows a ton of people that use to go there and he was to contact me about them and never did. If and when I do find out where the place was I’ll post it and send you an E-mail as a reminder.

      Regards, Doug Taylor, co-editor, webmaster, WMMHS

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