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Don Dougherty Show

Competed at the Wrangler Country Star Search in Traverse City in 1983

Jay Fortier played bass and sang with Don ’72-’73, and again ’77-’78

Don Dougherty (Rhythm guitar, vocals) Jay Fortier (Bass, vocals) Lyle Toms (and/or) Jerry Hendrix, (Pedal steel) Larry Foster (Drums) Later, there was: Phil Tarczon (Lead guitar, vocals) Tom Jagmin (Lead guitar, vocals) Roger Tarczon, (Drums) Bob Benson (RIP) (Drums)


Don Dougherty Show

Submitted on 2011/08/20 at 9:25 AM by Jay Fortier

I played bass and sang with Don ’72-’73, and again ’77-’78. The lineup was: Don, rhythm guitar and vocals; Lyle Toms (and/or) Jerry Hendrix, pedal steel; Larry Foster, drums. Later, there was: Phil Tarczon, lead guitar, vocals; Tom Jagmin, lead guitar, vocals; Roger Tarczon, drums; Bob Benson (RIP), drums.

He was also known (in our circle of friends) as “The Cosmic Cowboy” and “Uncle Dunky”. It was a definite experience playing with him, and every musician who ever shared that stage knows exactly what I mean.

Last I knew, he was living in the state of Washington, and still playing music. Keep on keepin’ on, Don. Thanks for the memories.

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