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Shamrock Lounge

Bridge St. (Stood in the North Parking Lot of Gerald R. Ford Museum) Opened in 1957, owned by Bob “Sully” Sullivan. Sully would book bands from all parts of the country and was a first in Grand Rapids to host regular Rock Bands that would play all week long. Besides the Bands on stage, they had GoGo dancers that was an added flare for the crowd.

Bob "Sully" Sullivan

Pierson Smith managed the place for Sully, while Sully did most of the booking of Bands. Sullivan also had a Furniture and Carpet store across the Street from the Lounge on the North side of Bridge Street. Later on Bob and Jim “Blackie” Black bought a building on the S.W. side of the corner and added the Barvarian Inn. As they bought vacant neighboring buildings, they would tear down the walls and expand the bar.

Grand Rapids Press article on Pierson Smith the manager: pierson smith 11.6.68



Shamrock Bavarian Bridge St. View
























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