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Our E-mail address is:  WMMusicHystericalSociety@yahoo.com

Kim Rush, Co-editor, Writer, Historian:  kimdonaldrush@hotmail.com

Doug Taylor, Co-editor, Writer, Webmaster: WMMusicHystericalSociety@yahoo.com

Please leave a message, information about a band or musician, pictures, memorabilia, corrections concerning mistakes and misinformation, Top 40 play lists and posters, old newspaper ads about bands and musicians, notify us concerning other interesting music and history websites or band websites, and supply musician contact information such as addresses and e-mail addresses, etc.

Please include dates of pictures and other memorabilia whenever possible so that we can create a chronology. Please provide names of the people in your photos and where they were taken, etc.

Provide as much information as possible concerning your submissions, as it will ultimately make your postings more meaningful and interesting.

If you have a story to contribute, indeed contact us. If you need the story posted, but don’t want to write it, we will gladly interview you and write the story for you.

Thanks in advance for your contributions and comments. We appreciate it!

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4 Responses to CONTACT US

  1. Robin Nott says:

    Love the GR music history!! Brings back very fond memories of my roots in music. Here’s a list of bands for the record:

    Robin Nott

    The Laymen (Riverside Jr. H.S.)–John Throckmorton(Compact Farfisa), Ron Burke (guitar), Clayton Jones(drums), Brad Kik (guitar), Robin Nott (bass)

    The Seeds of Degeneration (Plainfield neighborhood)–Dick LeBaron (bass), Fred LeBaron(tamborine), Craig ?(guitar), Robin Nott (guitar), (drums)?

    Flakes & Walker (Forest Hills neighborhood)– Chet Witkowski (drums), Jim Jarvis (bass), Robin Nott (guitar), Jeff Bulson (keyboards)

    Bad Axe (E. Fulton neighborhood)–Fred Galis (Hammond B3), Mike Galis (bass), Chet Witkowski (drums), Robin Nott (guitar)

    This was a blast! Thanks for the effort you guys…


  2. Your filter might have blocked it, but I sent you some relevant Grand Rapids Press clippings I got by staring at microfilms at the library.

  3. Tom Jones says:

    Just to add and update

    I was the keyboard player for many successful bans in the 60-70’s.

    Stated in Jr high with – Left Wing – with Dan Gerke (drummer at the Grotto), Dave Norman and Tom Rau – Guitars, can’t remember the bass payer.

    Then went to the Klansmen (yes spelled with a “k”) in 8th grand we won numerous Battle of the Bands, played coffee houses (Towne and Country comes to mind/along with the Boyfriends), and won the BofBands at Allegan County Fair and were then the opening act for the headline act, the Royal Guardsmen (Snoopy and the Red Baron). Played many college parties at Davenport and Hillsdale (remember we were only in 8th grade!)
    Klansmen = Gary Hagan – Drums, Randy Smith – Guitar, Tom Jones – Vox organ, Greg Billing – drums. Previous members were Dave Ross – Bass, Leo Najar – Guitar. Guitarist Dave Hawkins later joined the group in place of Randy Smith.

    in 1971 joined Albert Smith Group (ASG) as keyboard, jumped to the B-3 and piano.

    1973 – 1978 Ashes to Wind – OZZ

  4. Rod DeWitt says:

    Cool site! My bandmate Jay Fortier told me about you. You have my first band listed as “We Sandpipers” from Reed City. It actually was called “The Sandpipers”. I am going to put a package together for your web site.
    Talk to you later.
    Rod DeWitt
    Hammond B3 – “Bo White & The Bluezers”

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