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What is West Michigan all about? Lake Michigan beaches? Our four distinct seasons? The City of Grand Rapids? Too many restaurants?  Art Prize Competition?

How about our local music scene?  We all recall someone who performed at a nightclub, dance, wedding, concert, at church or with the symphony. Most of us can think of a local musician who has achieved national fame. Please check out the special section devoted to “West Michigan Legends,” to learn more about these notorious musicians.

This website documents the present scene as well as the history of West Michigan musical culture. A core part of the website contains lists of musicians and bands. Other sections concentrate on places that musicians have played and their recordings, as well as information about local disc jockeys and radio stations, and so much more.  Please visit our home page to see the complete list of topics that we will explore.

Garage band websites are interesting and important, yet they tend to only focus on early careers of rock musicians. While rock is one of the genres of music that we document here, we also feature information about local jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, as well as polka and Christian contemporary musicians. So there should be something for everyone!

Speaking of you, we sincerely hope that you actively participate in this fun! We will supply enough basic information to keep you involved, because we are hysterically devoted to collecting and disseminating this information. However, if you have memorabilia that YOU can contribute, please do! It will benefit all of us.  It’s simple to get in touch with us by using the “Contact Us” tab, located at the top of the home page.

We will post various kinds of documents:  1960s “Top 40” play lists from local stations, record label photos, interviews, video and audio samples, photos, entertainment ads and articles from newspapers, posters, as well as links to other relevant sites. We suspect that you may have things to share, too. We hope that you feel free to post comments, ask questions and connect with others by using the “blogs” supplied at the bottom of each respective web page. If you would like to keep your comments confidential, please email us at wmmusichystericalsociety@yahoo.com

This website is intentionally designed with the purpose of keeping all information confined and related to it’s respective topic which is listed on the home page. We intend to keep this website as organized as possible. We are working hard to make it easy to navigate so you do not get lost or overwhelmed while reading it. The general website topics such as “Musicians” or “Music Genres” are listed on the home page. If you are looking for more specific information or “get lost,” it is a good idea to use the search engine located at the top of each page.

We believe that this website collection is an important historical project that is worthy of being housed in a permanent archive. We trust that future generations will enjoy learning about their local musical heritage. The complete collection of historical documents contained on this website will eventually be transferred to the Grand Rapids Public Library Local History Collection, at the ultimate discretion of the website owners.

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