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East Town Saloon

Grand Rapids on Wealthy, AKA Yacht Club/ Billie’s

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  1. Wild Bill says:

    Tonight,i saw Duke Tomatoe and the Power Trio play at a Christmas party here in Kokomo Indiana…..i saw him for the first time at the East Town Saloon with the All Star Frogs……Summer of ’75 or ’76…….i was going to United Electronics Institute half days and working at Meijer’s on 28th street in the evening’s. Had a bunch of fun in East Grand Rapids…..at the East Town…….at the ThunderChicken….Danny J’s……so many cool places……….Jay, i’m sure you and me shared a few good times…….i really enjoyed the years 74-77 that i spent in Gran Rapids……good times….GOOD PEOPLE !

  2. Mary Veen Jaskiewicz says:

    you were my favorite doorman Jay!

  3. Jay Fortier says:

    The Eastown Saloon was a very fun and happening scene, and I’m proud to have been part of the original crew that converted it from the former Yacht Club in ’75. Owners Pete Weatherhead, Vince Chacon and Bruce Wilson (RIP) were great guys, and fun to work with. The whole crew and overall experience was enormous fun, actually!

    I helped acquire and install the sound system and lights, programmed the music on reel-to-reel tapes that played all day and evenings (when the bands weren’t playing). Until I left in ’77, I was the resident sound man and all around equipment guy that either ran sound for the bands or helped their sound man integrate into the house system if they wanted to.

    I also helped run the door and attempt to contain the seemingly endless lines that would form each night, especially on weekends. It was a somewhat unpopular position, to say the least, and routinely dealt with it’s share of conflict. You all know who you are!

    Good times, good friends, good music, great memories!

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