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Last Train Out

Martin, Mi. – Country/Classic Rock

Last Train Out






Denise Brown (Keyboards, Lead vocals)
Craig Davis (Guitar, vocals)
Tony Hegedus (Bass, vocals)
Dave Stover (Drums)


Artist Summary

Genres: Country / Classic Rock

Artist Bio

Off in the distance, the haunting sound of the train whistle blows…its lonely howl fades into the night, echoing into the darkness. Moments later, it blows again, only louder, signaling its eminent arrival. Anticipation and excitement build…the ground begins to shake; a plume of smoke can be seen in the shadowy light of the moon. Your pulse quickens, the heart skips a beat, and then…you order a beer and listen to one of the best damn bands in the Mid West, “Last Train Out.”
Bringing their polished brand of musical entertainment to a stage near you, LTO will restore your faith in great live music. Featuring four of the most talented and respected musicians in the area, LTO plays every song with passion and professionalism. From country to rock, to blues to pop, it is done at the highest level of musicianship that even the most casual listener will notice.
The combination of experience and dedication to their craft individually and collectively elevates LTO to an elite live music experience.
Of course, the fun the band is having during one of their high energy performances transcends to everyone in attendance. Whether you just want to listen to the fabulous musicianship or shake it down, boot scoot, boogie or freak, LTO will deliver the goods.
From small stages to big ones and everything in between…
Clubs, concerts, private and corporate events, and your neighborhood bar…
Last Train Out on the stage will put your crowd on the right track for a night of music they won’t soon forget.
Choo Choo on that.

More About Last Train Out


Denise Brown-Vocals and Keys

By J William Ryan-The Music Scene Inc

When you go to see LTO for the first time, it won’t be hard to recognize their talented lead vocalist.

In fact, you may have a tough time looking at anyone else.

The ultimate treat for the ears and eyes, Denise Brown raises the bar on sight and sound. Although a veritable babe in terms of years in the industry, she rips through tunes like a savvy veteran twice her age, exuding sultry in each emotionally charged lyric.

Commanding center stage for all the right reasons, Brown has quickly become recognized as one of the most talented and engaging leading ladies in the music scene. With Grand Canyon wide range and a motor that just won’t quit, fans of LTO have come to appreciate the dynamic she brings to the talented line-up.

From country classics, to throaty rockers, to dazzling LTO originals, Brown lights up the stage with her own special brand of energy.


Dave Stover-Drums

By J William Ryan-The Music Scene Inc

Hide the children.

Secure the breakables.

Dave Stover is rollin’ in to town with Last Train Out.

Stover is a player of rare caliber and has been driving home grooves for over 30 years in the south west Michigan area. A cagey veteran of the rock scene, his transition to country has been seamless due to his “musician first’ mentality. Quads to shuffles, no problem…it still requires the chest pounding kick of the bass drum, the crack of the snare, and impeccable timing, and Stover is relentless in his delivery. And of course, some of that arena rock showmanship shows up on game day to make the musical experience complete.

Stover’s resume is brimming with not only some of the finest local talent, but also some more mainstream players such as Ted Nugent.

When you hear and see Last Train Out, you will quickly realize who brings the coal on this high energy locomotive.


Tony Hegedus-Bass & Vocals

By J William Ryan-The Music Scene Inc

Do you feel that unmistakable rumble? Is the earth shaking beneath your feet?  Do you have this uncontrollable urge to hit the dance floor? Blame Tony Hegedus.

Producing a bottom end that would make J Lo envious, Hegedus and his four string fiddle complete LTO’s dynamic rhythm section.

Hegedus is a long-time fixture in the Michigan music scene and his virtuosity and years of experience are a perfect fit for LTO’s varied and challenging set list. Hegedus understands that at times, the most important note is the one you don’t play, and his devotion to putting the song first ensures a foot stompin night of great music.

The value Hegedus brings to LTO’s massive wall of sound extends beyond the mastery of his bass…his vocal styling’s are also a key ingredient. From harmonies to singing lead, his silky smooth range provides LTO with a double dose of dynamic versatility.
Craig Davis-Guitar & Vocals

By J William Ryan-The Music Scene Inc

What do get when you cross Jeff Beck with Chet Atkins?

Craig Davis.

The conductor of the LTO express, Craig Davis has put his years of experience, immense talent and energy into putting together one of the most complete and entertaining bands in the area. Growing up in the 70’s, the youthful Davis cut his chops on Beck, Page, Satriani, and Trower. His amazing attention to detail, keen ear, and flawless execution make Davis one of the most sought after and respected guitarists. His talents have placed him on the big stage with legendary bands and acts like Molly Hatchett, Blackfoot, and Blue Man Group.

Davis’s versatility, song writing skills, eye for talent, and death defying speed on the frets has created the perfect storm that is LTO. But it goes beyond his precise picking…Davis is also a crooner, handling many of the lead vocals on songs and offering harmonious support to many others.

No matter what hat he’s wearing; be it a cowboy hat, a striped conductor hat, or the ultimate rock and roll do-rag, know that Craig Davis will wear it well.




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