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Six Gun Canyon Band

Grand Rapids – Country/Classic Rock/Blues with a distinctive twist,,,

Band Members:

Rick (Bass, guitar, vocals)

Billy (Rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals

Tony Keck (Lead guitar, vocals)

Eric (Drums, vocals)

Dale Thomas (Lead Guitar) New to group March 2012.


This band comes from a wide variety of backgrounds from Nashville performers , guitar lesson instructors, high school friends and vocal choir leaders and instructors,,and most of all , we all have over 100 years of combined musical experience in recording , improvising , and stage performing . Once you hear us, you will be hooked on us. Our sound and fun that shows at every event will keep you coming back over and over ,. There is no telling what might happen on any given night , but you are guaranteed to have fun and remember , what happens in SIX GUN CANYON stays in SIX GUN CANYON . Sit back and enjoy the ride and get lost in SIX GUN CANYON .

Contact Info:  Rick 616-308-7669 or Billy 615-374-1583

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