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Real Rock Stars

Jeff Yonker                                                                     Saturday July 21, 2012
Another example of what we are actually paid to do: SELL DRINKS! Last night my band SilentBark had a 2 nighter at the White House in Saugatuck. As we were just about to launch into our first set, a transformer across the street blew, killing power to the entire block. The bar owner was freaking out that he was losing tons of business right during his prime time.We didn’t have any acoustic guitars but did have a bass player with a Jeep that had an AC inverter in it. So we pulled out the Fender twin, plugged it into the Jeep, grabbed a snare drum, tambourine and kazoo and preceded to set up on the front sidewalk and play acoustically (semi) to a more than appreciative crowd, It was actually quite magical. The entire band singing as well as the crowd, clapping and dancing.Well we actually attracted quite a few passerby and turned a bad situation in to a memorable one. Ben, the bar owner said we went above and beyond and helped salvage a night that would probably have been a bust.

So I don’t normally toot my own horn like this, but how many of you would have just packed it in and called it a night? By us doing this, we built a larger fan base, endeared us to the staff and bar owner and even got a little press from it. I guess the other moral is to always throw an acoustic guitar in the van.

Oh and we’re back there tonight, hopefully powered.

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