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Submission Guidelines and Policies Page

We strongly encourage you to submit biographical information, memorabilia and photos, as well as your recollections and comments! It is the true lifeblood of this website!

  1. Please be careful as possible to submit your submission in accurate form.  Please correct your spellings.

2.     No profanity or obscenity, please!   We want everyone to be able to enjoy this .

3.     Please try to avoid disparaging or hurtful comments about other people and businesses.  This website assumes no responsibility for people that leave messages on blogs that are attacking, libelous, obscene and inaccurate. When we recognize such comments, they will be removed from the blogs. This is not meant to stifle creativity or limit your submissions,  but to create a sane, fair, accurate and objective collection of comments concerning the historical data found on this website.

4.     Please try to post your comments on a relevant blog.  For instance, if you have something to submit about blues or Ronnie Fray, please submit your posts on their respective blog.

5.    If you have any problems with this website  or posting comments, or suggestions that you would like to offer, please contact wmmusichystericalsociety@yahoo.com

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