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Albert Smith Group

Grand Rapids

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  1. John Karns says:

    Just decided to take a look to see if I could find anything on my old friend and band buddy Andy Venza (RIP) on the ‘net. I figured that I wouldn’t, since he sadly passed away back in the days when the internet was still ARPA Net. We last shared a gig back in the mid 1970`s. Glad to see that he is still being remembered!

    John Karns

  2. Tom Jones says:

    Albert Smith Group, founded at GRCC became ASG once it started playing in clubs, named after the music director @ GRCC, he requested the name change. The group played numerous public functions – concerts at John Ball Park, Riverside Park and at the Calder. Also was main stage act during Festival. Backed up Fleetwood Mac at GVSU on Halloween night concert 1972 (?). Had numerous recording sessions with RCA. Members included: Larry Staffen (guitar), Bob Kurnat (bass), Andy Venza and John Large (drum), Phil Tovalachi and Tom Jones (Keyboards), John Breen and Rod Vacarro (vocal), Dave Well and Denny Kool (Trombone) Arnie Rodriguez, Larry Kool, Ken Wierenga (Trumpet), Dale Oldenburg (Sax)

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