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5 Responses to BAND WEBSITES

  1. The The Website for the Lazy Blue Tunas is: http://www.lazybluetunas.com Also on Facebook

  2. Don Bob Bush says:

    What a Great site…Thank You for such a wonderful place for all of West Michigan’s Musician’s to be a part of !

    • admin says:

      Your welcome Don Bob, I met you just for a second at the Reunion, as I took your picture with some beautiful lady and give you a Official
      Music Hysterical Society business card. Do you remember me now?

      I’m glad you like the site, as we sure put a lot of time into it and it’s far from being done. If you see names of bands, or musicians, you know that aren’t in here, please shoot me an e-mail with their names and I’ll make a page for them. If you see mistakes, please make note to us, as we want this place to be as accurate as possible. Thanks again for your support. Doug

  3. Jay Fortier says:

    Here is a website for “Bo White and The Bluezers”


    Thanks for all the support

  4. Jim Braun says:

    Well- our website address is pretty long, but here it is.


    This is the website for The Moonrays featuring, Fitz Green, Mike Hall, Bud Chrysler and Jim Braun.

    Thanks for putting up this site!

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