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Lloyd Brown

Lloyd Brown Trio, The Checkmates with John Kik; also played with Doug Cook, keyboards, and Ed Hunnicutt, guitar and harmonica, at the Blue Note in 1962

“Del Shannon originally wrote I Go To Pieces for a black singer named Lloyd Brown, whom Shannon had discovered one night at a Battle Creek club called the Black and Tan. Shannon wrote Pieces in an R & B style, and so he never thought of recording the song for himself. Produced and arranged by Del, the acetate of I Go To Pieces by Lloyd Brown included the flipside The Zombie, a dance stomper much in the vein of The Wamboo. A cheesy B-side, this freaky bottom coupler was also penned by Shannon, but never released.”

(From Del Shannon full length biography written by Brian Young, from his website, Del Shannon.com)


Bits and Pieces – Lloyd Brown on drums with Dan Lewakowski on Cordovox at the Mouse Trap on Bridge Street, c. 1970 (picture courtesy of Tom Shannon)

Bits and Pieces - Dan Lewakowski on key boards (Cordovox). Zeke Ramerez(sp.) played guitar, Lloyd Brown on Keyboard at Mouse Trap 1970

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4 Responses to Lloyd Brown

  1. James (Willie0 Minier says:

    This is Dan Lewakowski on key boards (Cordovox). Zeke Ramerez(sp.) played guitar. Later a vocalist named Dee Dee Ryke was added. The group was known as Bits and Pieces

  2. Tom Shannon says:

    This picture was provided by Doris Ward. Thanks Doris!

  3. I remember Lloyd Brown.
    He played drums and sang at the Blue Note on Division.

  4. If anyone has any information or photos of Lloyd Brown, please send me an email! Lloyd recorded the very FIRST version of “I Go To Pieces” written by Del Shannon, which later became a Top 10 record for Peter & Gordon the following year. Lloyd’s version remained unreleased, until we released it digitally two years ago via Twirl Records!

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