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Lloyd Brown

Lloyd Brown Trio, The Checkmates with John Kik; also played with Doug Cook, keyboards, and Ed Hunnicutt, guitar and harmonica, at the Blue Note in 1962

“Del Shannon originally wrote I Go To Pieces for a black singer named Lloyd Brown, whom Shannon had discovered one night at a Battle Creek club called the Black and Tan. Shannon wrote Pieces in an R & B style, and so he never thought of recording the song for himself. Produced and arranged by Del, the acetate of I Go To Pieces by Lloyd Brown included the flipside The Zombie, a dance stomper much in the vein of The Wamboo. A cheesy B-side, this freaky bottom coupler was also penned by Shannon, but never released.”

(From Del Shannon full length biography written by Brian Young, from his website, Del Shannon.com)


Bits and Pieces – Lloyd Brown on drums with Dan Lewakowski on Cordovox at the Mouse Trap on Bridge Street, c. 1970 (picture courtesy of Tom Shannon)

Bits and Pieces - Dan Lewakowski on key boards (Cordovox). Zeke Ramerez(sp.) played guitar, Lloyd Brown on Keyboard at Mouse Trap 1970

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