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Midwestern Sound

444 West Leonard St. in Grand Rapids owned by Phil Roberts and Bruce Snoap of the Kingtones.

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2 Responses to Midwestern Sound

  1. Keith Seccombe says:

    We ( Me and Dem Guys) recorded a lot of material at Phils studio,We finished Smiling Phases there after spending a lot of time trying to get it done in Sparta at the old Theater,then She Cried,Simple Thoughts Of Love ,Mercy Mercy and a bunch of unreleased tracks like The End is Coming.

  2. Bob Reilly says:

    Common People recorded ” Love of The Common People ” there in 1969 we also did a few songs with Ronnie Fray ( our horn section ) I used to come in and hang with Phill alot in those days ( he has a good story to tell about that ) anyway I remember that back room very well, and the basement reverb system.Phill is a hell of a guy with more stories than anyone has time to listen to,or maybe not. I can’t wait till the next time I see him !

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