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Root Beer Stand Band

Grand Rapids – evolved from the Intruders (in 1967 and 1968)

From Jim Frost:  “In late 1967, Keith Robb left (the Invaders) and we added Dave Pryce (guitar and vocals) and Bob Fodor (keyboards). The band’s name then changed to The Root Beer Stand Band (aka RBSB).


RBSB played for a year or so. RBSB played the same places, or at least the same types of places, but played edgier music. I moved to Ann Arbor to go to the University of Michigan, and the others stayed in Grand Rapids. Tom Davis replaced me on drums.”


Bottom: Tim Leuliette, Dave Pryce. On Stairs: Jim Frost, Doug Mull, and Bob Fodor
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3 Responses to Root Beer Stand Band

  1. admin says:

    Sincere appreciation to Andy Rundquist for helping us to correct the following error: we previously posted information on the Root Beer Stand Band page that actually belonged on the Fast Eddie page! So we created a Fast Eddie page and transferred this information to it! Andy also supplied record label scans as well as scans of the record sleeve which are also posted on the Fast Eddie (band) page.

  2. Andrew Rundquist says:

    Well, I’m thoroughly confused. I have a 45 of “Do You Wanna Make Love” – the EXACT same song that is posted on this site as an .mp3 file by The Root Beer Stand Band. The artist is listed as “Fast Eddie”, the song author is (Bricker), the copyright date is 1971, the 45 # is 1046. The 45 is produced by Fast Eddie and the “Engineers” are listed as Charlie and Aris. The flip side is “Hey Lou”. There’s a picture sleeve too! Can anybody solve this dilemma?

    • admin says:

      Hello Andrew, I received the information about the MP3’s located on the Root Beer Stand Band page from Tommy Davis.Is it possible for you to send me a scan of the picture sleeve and the record labels to kimdonaldrush@hotmail.com. I will show them to Tommy and we’ll see what we have here!! Sounds like the engineers are Aris Hampers and Charlie Cortwright? This is very interesting!

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