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Cinema Sound

1965 Division Ave S.E.  Grand Rapids –

From a 1971 listing in the Grand Rapids City Directory: James Geeting, President; David Veldsma, Vice-President and Dennis Cuson, Secretary-Treasurer

Dennis worked as a sound engineer with Phil Roberts at Midwestern Sound Productions at 444 Leonard N.W. previous to opening his own studio (Cinema Sound.) Dennis became interested in recording sound tracks for films while at Midwestern and became increasingly involved with this while running Cinema Sound.

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  1. I recorded my 3rd and 4th Christian albums at Cinema Sound.
    The last album in 1976 was called HANG UP YOUR HANG-UPS.
    Denny was charging me 40.00 an hour. I was using Synths and doing it all by my self. Denny told me he could make more money doing something else in another part of the building so he cut the price to 20.00 an hour and left me all alone in the control room, doing it on my own. An interesting story about this is, I was at Bill Farrow’s Music Store telling Bill about the album and how cool it would be to have an Elka String synth to do this with. A perfect stranger was listening and he said “I just bought an Elka String keyboard” and he offered it to me to use. I followed him to his house, he went inside and came out and handed it to me. I drove off to the studio and made the album. How’s that for miraculous provision.

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