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Bob Reilly

Flintstones (1961) Driftwoods (1962) In Crowd, 4U and Him, Common People (8 years) Lucky Star, Natchez Trace, Dirk Rivers Band, Ronnie Fray, Horsefeather, Jerry Brown and Beyond, Freeflow, L.A. Salty Dog Recording Studio for 1 year (Bass)



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3 Responses to Bob Reilly

  1. Walter Marshall says:

    Hey Bob this internet thing is great. I remember you from when I was younger learning how to play. Great to find sites like this where people are devoted to their music and can reminisce about the old days.

    Walter (The BassMan) Marshall

  2. bob decocq says:

    hello my old friend , hope you and lori are well. next time your home in sand lake stop by the house (still in the same place) would love to catch up on the past and have a drink or two. hope you still have the old jazz bass !!! ( i still want it ) keep in touch bob !

  3. Tony Jones says:

    That’s a great pick of Bob R. Never forget the cocktail!!

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