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Jerry Brown and Beyond

Kalamazoo – Jerry Brown, Bob Reilly (Bass) Mike Rousch (Drums) Larry Cook

Jerry has his own business,Lawrence Productions here in Grand Rapids on Ottawa and Fred Munch another fine musician from the 60’s also works with him.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is the 1st incarnation of HOME featuring Jerry Brown (On a bunch of stuff) Bob Callner (Guitar) Bill McKinney (Bass) Rick Ducharme (Drums)

Jerry Brown and Home – Somewhere Over the Rainbow mp3 (12:53)

[audio:http://www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Jerry-Brown-Somewhere-Over-the-Rainbow.mp3|titles=Jerry Brown – Somewhere Over the Rainbow]

“The End of the Road” is Jerry Brown solo on a 4 track.

Jerry Brown – The End of the Road mp3 (4:03)

[audio:http://www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Jerry-Brown-The-End-of-the-Road.mp3|titles=Jerry Brown – The End of the Road]

Jerry Brown and Friends below:

The concert was at the Discovery Theatre in Battle Creek in 1997. This tune shows the bluesy, jazzy side of things.  This was recorded during the same concert as “Chain of Life”

Jerry Brown (Piano, vocals) Steve Vandenburg (Electric guitar) Andy Paul (Acoustic guitar) Virgil Corby (Violin) Tom Dunn (Upright bass) Mike Roush (Drums, harmonica both at the same time, also back-up vocals) Cheryl Jewel (Back-up vocals) Jamie Laferier (Back-up vocals)

Jerry Brown and Friends – Time Traveler mp3 (3:37)

[audio:http://www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Jerry-Brown-Time-Traveler.mp3|titles=Jerry Brown – Time Traveler]

“Chain of Life” and “Nothin too Good for You”

Jerry Brown – Chain of Life mp3 (5:56)

[audio:http://www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Jerry-Brown-Chain-of-Life.mp3|titles=Jerry Brown – Chain of Life]

Jerry Brown – Nothin to Good for You mp3 (4:31)

[audio:http://www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Jerry-Brown-Nothin-too-Good-for-You.mp3|titles=Jerry Brown – Nothin too Good for You]

Jerry Brown and Friends – The Moon is Full Tonight mp3 (5:05)

[audio:http://www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/The-Moon-Is-Full-Tonight.mp3|titles=The Moon Is Full Tonight]


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3 Responses to Jerry Brown and Beyond

  1. Dave Piersma says:

    Jerry, I was googling your name from a wonder down memory lane and this site was given to me by a person I emailed regarding getting a cd from you or someone that new of the band Home. I was a student at Western in the late 70’s and was a constant fixture at the Whistlestop whenever you guys played there. Do you ever get together with the old members? Those were the best days of my life and your music was a key part of those days!

    • Jerry Brown says:

      Thanks for remembering. If you send me your address I can send you a CD of my album, which does include some HOME stuff. I will also be posting a lot more music on this site soon as well as many pictures, including a few at the Whistle Stop.
      Thanks again, Jerry

  2. Jerry Brown says:

    Just some clarifications on these 1st mp3s and who are the bands and musicians.
    “Chain of Life” and “Nothin too Good for You” is Jerry Brown and Friends including me on piano, Mike Roush on Drums, Steve Vandenberg on Electric Guitar, Andy Paul on acoustic guitar, Tom Dunn on upright bass, Virgil Corby on violin and Cheryl Jewel and Jamie LaFerrier on back up vocals.
    “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is the 1st incarnation of HOME featuring me on a bunch of stuff, Bob Callner on Guitar, Bill McKinney on Bass and Rick Ducharme on Drums.
    “The End of the Road” is me solo on a 4 track.
    “Time Traveler” is the 1st incarnation of Jerry Brown and Beyond with me on acoustic guitar, Larry Cook on Electric guitar, Mike Roush on Drums and Scott Butterfield on bass.
    I know it’s complicated but wanted the right folks to get credit. These folks are all West Michigan musicians.
    Thanks, Jerry

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