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Bob and the Rockbillies

Grand Rapids –

Most likely this is Bob Reinhardt’s first band that recorded under the name Bob and the Rockbillies:

Bob Reinhardt, Jim Braisted, Dick Wolf, Jerry Lewis RIP

Bob Reinhardt was one of West Michigan’s first rock and roll musicians.

(L_R) Bobby Bond, Jim Braisted, Jerry Lewis, Dick Wolf & Lonnie Lehr.

Various musicians played with Bob Reinhardt including Bob Reinhardt (AKA Bobby Bond) Les Clark, Lloyd Miller (Drums) Jim Braisted (Bass)  RIP, Dick Wolf (Upright Bass), Lonnie Lehr (Bass)






Bob and the Bandits recordings:



Bob and the Rockbillies recordings:



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4 Responses to Bob and the Rockbillies

  1. Matt Lehr says:

    Lonnie Lehr is my father. He is still alive but not doing well. He currently has Alzheimers and does not recognize his own family. I have some pictures and some billboards cut outs along with some 45’s. My father told us stories often of his times in the band when we were growing up. Always thought it was cool that I could say that he was a “rockstar”. Love ya dad!

  2. Richard Wolf says:

    I played bass with Bob & the Rockbillies (Blue Chip Label) and then we changed the name to Bob & the Bandits (LOKI Label). This was in 1959 thru 1961. I have the 2 cuts, one from each label. Lonnie Lehr (rhythm) & amp; Jerry Lewis (drums) have died. I haven’t found Jim Brastead who played lead. If any one has old photos of the band, please share with me.

  3. Rolf R. says:

    I believe that the band was called Bob And The Rockbillies, not Bob and The Rockabillies. Please checkout the labels.

  4. Craig Jenkins says:

    Do you know what happened to any of these guys? I would like to interview them.

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