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Steve Edge

Azz Izz – (Guitarist)




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  1. STEVE EDGE says:

    Another group called Flight 505 w/ brothers Dan and Rick [drums] Thompson Joe Wallace and myself were quite popular at Teen Town later called Purple Haze in Fremont in the middle 1960s.

  2. STEVE EDGE says:

    Fat N Natural w/ Greg Smith lead guitar, Jack Schaub hammond organ, flute… Rick Atkinson drums…Bob Horton bass.. Guy Henry trumpet and harmonica.. Dennis Mcswiggen trombone Carlton Mackisam lead vocals and me rhythm guitar.. also Autumn Fox with Tim Clifford bass and flute vocals ..Mark Champion lead guitar vocals Geoff Buitendorp Drums and myself on rhythm guitar and vox.

    • STEVE EDGE says:

      Tim Hellem {rip} was also a vocalist in Autumn Fox and another band called The Riots. w/ Dan Thompson lead and Rhythm guitar , vocals…Joe Wallace Bass Guitar and vocal …Paul Woodrum Drums and practice facility and myself on Lead and Rhythm guitar and vocals.

    • STEVE EDGE says:

      That’s Carl Macksam [please spell it this way]on vocals in both Autumn Fox and Fat n Natural…

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