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Grand Rapids Federation of Musicians

Local 56, AFM – 800 Monroe N.W. Suite 230 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 (616) 451-4374 (616) 340-9458  E-mail: grfm@livemusicgr.org Gary Sironen, Sec/Treas. – Eric Vander Stel, President – Bennie Keys, Vice President.

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    Grfm Musicians
    Signed to an Indendent label? Read this!
    Alert to Recording Artists and Musicians: Your Royalties are at Risk!
    SiriusXM Licensing Scheme Would Divert Performer Royalties to Independent Record Labels In a move that is blatantly anti-artist and anti-musician, SiriusXM is seeking to sign up independent labels to a “direct license” deal that reduces the money it pays for music and gives your share to the r…
    By: AFM – American Federation of Musicians

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