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Randy Scott Marsh

Phlegathon, Randissimo, Bobby Charles Band (Drums, Harmonica)

Bobby Charles Band 1973

This was a very memorable group that played at the Tiki Lounge on Eastern Ave. for 3-4 years.   This group performed for Yamaha at NAMM Shows in Chicago, Toronto, Anaheim, plus did clinics around the country.  Note:  all the amps, drums and Dennis’s Sax were all Yamaha.  It was a fun time.  Bobby Charles Winkler  “Charlie”






Randy speaks about his music career:

“Though growing up in a jazz background, I have performed in a wide variety of music genres and entertainment settings. My music career officially started at age 18 in early 1970 rockin’ with Aris Hampers’ band the Phlegethon. Throughout the 70’s I played… locally and statewide in other bands & projects including Bobby Charles, Wendel Harrison, Claude Black, and Eddie Russ. In 1976 I toured 6 countries in Europe with the Mike Grace Quartet, with guitarist Bruce Dunlap & Kevin O’Connell doing a record (and back breaking) 72 performances in 30 days! In 1978 I was the drummer on a live recording at the Alibi Nighclub with legendary tenor sax man Jimmy “Night train” Forrest entitled, “Heart Of The Forrest” featuring Philly jazz organ legend Shirley Scott released in 1981 on Palo Alto Records . In late 1981 I formed a popular jazz-fusion band with Wilton Machen, Bob VanStee, and Tim Ferguson known as Turning Point. In 1983 we released a locally successful recording and became a big draw in performance venues throughout Michigan. December of 1985, I moved to Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area and quickly found work on the Bay Area music scene. From 1986 to 1988 I toured the United States, Canada, and Europe with the “Tony Award” winning theater company, the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Since returning to Michigan in 1989 I performed through the 90’s at various music venues throughout Michigan and the Midwest with different project bands and artists including Jr. Valentine, Mel Dalton, Edye Evans Hyde, Tom & CheriLyn Hagen at Tootsie VanKelly’s, Mark Kahny, Mary Rademacher, Bob VanStee,, Charlie Hoats, Paul Lesinski, Chris Moberley, and Rick Hicks. In November of 2000 I joined organ wizard Jim Alfredson & guitarist Joe Gloss and together started the popular eclectic organ trio known as “Organissimo”. We gained international attention playing a jazz festival in 2007 in Tel Aviv Israel. We have 4 CD albums out on Big O Records and a DVD of the show we did for ‘Backstage Pass’ in 2009. Organissimo has a FB page, a website, and has a jazz forums with well over a million posts! As well as occasional Organissimo gigs I am working with the Jeff Haas Trio for the Jazz @ Sunset series at Chateau Chantal, Ron Getz, Don Julin, Claudia Schmidt, Steve Talaga, Crispin Campbell, and Steve Hilger.” See More

Saxman Arno Marsh joins his son, drummer Randy Marsh, for an evening at Rockford Michigan’s Grill One-Eleven

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