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4 Responses to TEEN CLUBS

  1. Victoria says:

    If you can track down information on “The Teenage Nightclub” there would be a wealth of information (it wasn’t just for teens – maybe not for teens at all). It was run by Ulysses Champion on Division Street in Grand Rapids. I believe the building used to be a Sayfee’s Restaurant and most recently it was Club Azucar (700 block of Division). Lots of local and national acts appeared there. Remember those orange posters with the big black blocky letters? Fun stuff.

  2. Dick Kandalec says:

    The L.C. Walker Arena actually had The Annex attached to it where lots of bands played. I played there back in late 1967 in a Battle of the Bands with The Village Gayte (see under Bands).

  3. julian casarez says:

    I saw 7 venues that we played at.Some were frequent some,not so much.

  4. STEVE EDGE says:

    A couple long gone teen clubs in Muskegon were The Gilhickey located in the basement of The First Congregational Church and The Sandbox on Western Ave.

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