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The Eschelons

Grand Rapids

The Eschelons website is at: http://www.eschelons.com

Along with Bob and the Bandits, The Rocking Revells, and the Kingtones, they were one of Grand Rapids first rock and roll bands!

The Band started in 1959 and has been reincarnated with original members and today packs sell out venues wherever they go. This is Doo-Wop at an Ed Sullivan level.

The band settled with six-members who are considered the original Eschelons and were featured on the band’s first record, “Lonely Christmas,” released in 1961. They are: Vic Hill, Jack Hazewinkel, Jim VanPutten, Al Bischoff, Dick Beatty, and Ron Beatty.




The Eschelons played at the Barn in Grand Haven in 1961:

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