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Mr. Clark’s Beefeater Room

Grand Rapids 113 Campau N.W.  (demolished) (Clark Afendoulis & John Klanderman owners 1965 c.) Live entertainment 9:00 pm to 2:00 am 6 days a week.

Mr. Clarks Beefeater Room Ad from 1968 Grand Rapids Interpreter

Mr. Clarks Beefeater Room Ad from 1968 Grand Rapids Interpreter










Mr. Clarks Beefeater Room Ad from Grand Rapids Visitor

Mr. Clark’s Beefeater Room Ad from Grand Rapids Visitor























Clark Afendoulis Obituary:


GRP 8.27.1967 Shirlee Cherokee page 1

Grand Rapids Press Wonderland Magazine 8-27-1967 Shirley Cherokee and Dwight

                                       -Click on article above to Enlarge-

5 Responses to Mr. Clark’s Beefeater Room

  1. Lynn Afendoulis says:

    I’m Clark’s daughter, Lynn. He is going to be thrilled to read these comments. He’ll remember everyone mentioned here, and he has fond memories of Shirley.

  2. David says:

    That’s my Mother! I am the youngest of 5 sons, David. My first job was bussing tables at the new location off of 28th street behind Pietro’s, then moved up to Sautee’ Cook on the line, with some mentoring from Chef Tom! I, we, worked there until the restaurant closed a few years later. I have so many fond memories of Mr. Clark and all of our team! My Mother Shirley (Cherokee) held positions of head bartender, book keeper, waitress, and, of course, musical entertainer, singing and playing drums in 3 or 4 different arrangements, always singing as a mainstay! She is my hero in life still to this day! I went on to become a professional musician myself.

  3. Jason says:

    My grandfather was a cook at Mr. Clark’s. Peter Lupus from Mission: Impossible once ate there and wanted to meet my grandfather. He said that my grandfather made the best dolmas that he had ever had.

  4. synquest says:

    What a surprise! The lady in the ad above for Mr Clark’s, Shirley Cherokee, is my mother. She resides on Vancouver island now and is doing quite well at 79 years. I currently reside in Colorado. If anyone knows of any other Internet resource with information about Shirley Cherokee (aka Shirley Lund) or the Dwight and Shirley Duo, please forward it to me. Thanks! Merry Christmas

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