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Disc Jockeys


  • Allen Quandee (AKA  AQ) WLAV
  • Andy Rent
  • Aris Hampers – WLAV
  • Becky Carlson
  • Bob King – WKMI AM  Kalamazoo
  • Bob Trapp
  • Bill Adams and Wife Bunny (Battle of the Bands) WERX
  • Bill Barber – WOOD AM (Bill’s Barber Shop, Bill’s Barber Pole)
  • Bill Merchant – WGRD (Early to mid 60s), WLAV (Mid to late 60s), WTRU, WZZM-FM (Now WLHT), TV-13
  • Bobby Todd – WKFR AM Battle Creek
  • Bruce Grant
  • Buck Barry
  • Dave Carson – WLAV
  • Dave Thompson – WKMI AM Kalamazoo
  • David Shoemaker (AKA Lee Allen Davis – LAD) WLAV (64-65) WERX, Go Show dances Wyoming National Guard Armory.
  • Dennis Vogel
  • Dick McKay
  • Don Michael
  • Dr. Soul (Lloyd Brown) WERX
  • Ed Buchanan (Uncle Buck) – WLAV, WERX (Jan.-June 1968)
  • George Arthur – WLAV
  • Greg Fabus (AKA The Fabulous One) WERX
  • Jack Evans – WLAV
  • Jack Hoppus – WMAX, WLAV,
  • Jack Stack – WERX
  • Jay Walker – WGRD
  • Jeff Vance
  • Joel Hill
  • John Alan – WION, WZZM, WGRD, & WLAV
  • John Balyo
  • John Leader – WGRD
  • John Russo – WERX
  • John Westman
  • Kevin Matthews
  • Lloyd Brown (Dr. Soul) WERX
  • Lowell George
  • MaryEllen Murphy
  • Michael Jay – WLAV (Mid-60s)
  • Michelle McKormick
  • Pat Ford – WLAV
  • Rick Beckett
  • Rob Brandt
  • Ron White – WGRD
  • Ronnie Fray – WJEF – Worked Sat. & Sun. mornings back in the 70’s
  • Skip Bell – WGRD
  • Steve Aldrich
  • Timothy G. Adams – WERX
  • Tom Ambrose – WERX
  • Tom Quain – WLAV – (Pioneer days of top 40)
  • Tom Roberts – WLAV
  • Tom Summers – WKMI AM Kalamazoo
  • Tony Gates – WLAV
  • Wayne Thomas – WGRD
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6 Responses to Disc Jockeys

  1. Ed Buchanan says:

    I worked at WERX in the final six months they were top 40.
    It was January – June 1968.
    Timothy G. Adams was also there.

    • Brad Fay says:


      You say Timothy Adams but was there not another guy there, Bill Adams, who promoted Battle of the Bands with his wife Bunny ?

  2. David Shoemaker says:

    Please don’t forget Allen Quandee aka AQ who worked at WLAV-FM during 1964 and 1965. He is the one that had the Beatles counting backwards on their intro to “Taxman”. Also don’t forget David Shoemaker aka Lee Allen Davis LAD for short working weekends at WERX Radio “On the Right Side of your radio dial”. As well as spinning records at the Go Show dances on the weekends in the Wyoming National Guard Armory.

    • Matt says:

      David Shoemaker, were you at WERX when Greg Fabos “The Fabulous One” was there in 66. Where are you located, would love to talk to you about your days there, and AQ at WLAV, do not recognize that name. I have some WERX recordings you might like to hear! Best, Matt.

  3. Tom Olejniczak says:

    John Alan (not Allen) worked at WION, WZZM, WGRD, & WLAV. He was NEVER at WERX!

  4. Jack Tiggleman says:

    Add Jack Hoppus to WLAV, and Ron White to WGRD. Also you need to add a notation for WERX, 1530 from Wyoming, MI. John Allen worked weekends for a while at ‘GRD. Not sure how long. Back in the late 60s I believe.

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