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From Lansing
Sound Spot

From Bruce Miller of the Assortment (April 2002)

I was with a band that recorded at the studio in Sparta. Band was called The Assortment and the record was on the Sound Spot label. I noticed that the “B” side of the record has been included on a compilation called “Highs in the mid-60’s vol. 19.” I am embarrassed to say I wrote this awful song: “Bless our Hippy Home.”

There is, of course, a story.

I was really kinda upset with the band. The group wanted to record “First I Look at the Purse.” I thought we should record “Til The End of the Day.” The group outvoted me. I suggested we record “Til The End of the Day as the “B” side. They said “no” to that idea too – they did not want to spend the extra money for royalties. We needed a “B” side so I wrote “Bless our Hippy Home” as a joke – a way of thumbing my nose at the guys.

How the heck did it end up on this compilation? Where do I get my royalty check? (kidding)

We also recorded “Til The End of The Day” at the same session. I think we had a whole two hours. If the tape of our recording of “Til The End of the Day” still exists I would love to get a copy. It is a really good example of what we sounded like. It should have been the song we released!

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