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Bavarian Inn

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300 Bridge Street, Grand Rapids.



Barbarian Inn



Shamrock Bavarian Bridge St. View







Sullivans on Bridge across from Ali-baba-hob-nobin Park early 80s

Sullivans on Bridge across from Ali-baba-hob-nobin Park early 80s

Fray’s Band from the Barvarian Inn















Ronnie Fray: September 8 at 4:56pm Facebook

Just think- It started out to be a place I could do a ‘single’ show! But than along came Clay, and Hal a year later. Hired Dick Harris to run lights and sound. (Sully kept knocking down walls.) Finally, I drove to Buffalo to recruit Dale Thomas on lead guitar. I called Carlos Clavara in L.A. and talked him into bringing his pedal steel to play with us for a while. We played there a few years, then we started travelling again. It was a great experience. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thanks Sully and ‘THANKS’ Grand Rapids Michigan.

Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert Poster

Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert Poster


Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert T-Shirts - Green or Pink

Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion Concert T-Shirts – Green or Pink

























7 Responses to Bavarian Inn

  1. Dirk ten Haaf says:

    “Sonava”; Now – – – at Bavarian Inn

  2. Robert Burgess says:

    Anybody remember two great bar bands from late 70s which played here? Sunnuva and Oz.

    • Fred B says:

      I remember them well, especially Oz. Anyone know what year the Bavarian Inn closed?

    • Dirk ten Haaf says:

      Yes ……. – Also Blind Man’s Bluff ……. ……. ….. Autumn People ……. ……. Horsefeathers ——- Little Edward and the G Men …….

  3. Eddy smiley says:

    Please feel free to contact me any time, looking forward to hearing from you

  4. Doug Taylor says:

    Bob “Sully” Sullivan
    Presents the first
    Shamrock/Bavarian Reunion
    All-Star Concert
    June 15th, 16th, 2013
    Continuous Live Bands Noon-7:00pm
    At The Riverfront Hotel
    “On the Patio”
    Ann Street/Grand River
    Sound Support by: Ian Kettle
    Video Production: Dan Salas
    Get There Early – No Reserve Seating
    Riverfront Hotel 270 Ann Street NW
    Grand Rapids, MI, 49504 1-866-925-9750
    Commemorative T-Shirts & Videos will be Available


    (Noon) The Quests (Bob Fritzen, Lyle Hotchkiss, Bob Dengate, Ron Sieracki, Randy Sieracki)
    (1:00pm) Denny Gramza’s Extravagramza (Denny, Jay Fortier, Tom Geluso)
    (2:00pm) Blues 101 (Keith Mullins, Marc Kozak, Johnny Boggs, Richard Johnson)
    (3:00pm) Harry Lucas and the Lowdowns (Harry Lucas, Donald Hooker, Jeff Beavan, John Hunt)
    (4:00pm) Big Organ (Chris Moberley – Hammond B3, Rick Hicks – Guitar, Randy Marsh – Drums)
    (5:00pm) Original John Brown Trio (John Brown, Al “Big Al” Vandetti, Pat Sage with Special Guest Drummer Greg Stankus
    (6:00pm) All-Star Band (Ronnie Fray, Bob Reilly, Jerry Davis, Randy Marsh)


    (Noon) The Sixth Generation (Niles, Mi.) (Fred Bachman, Paul “General” Davies, Ron Hamrick, Fred Hulce, Dave Walenga)
    (1:00pm) Mona Sallie and the Sounds of the Motor City – Featuring John Hamilton, Derrick Hayes and Kristi Sallie
    (2:00pm) 13th Hour (Mark Swanson, Ken Bierschbach, Jay Round, Tommy Davis)
    (3:00pm) FreeHand (Lin’ “Nowicki” Otherlyn, Ron Beatty, Warren Beatty)
    (4:00pm) Delilah DeWylde and the Lost Boys (Delilah, Lee Harvey, D.J. McCoy) (Rockabilly)
    (5:00pm) The Moonrays (Fitz Green, Michael II, Bud Chrysler, Jim Braun) (Surf – Instrumental)
    (6:00pm) All-Star Band (Ronnie Fray, Bob Reilly, Jerry Davis, Richard Johnson, Tommy Davis)

    CONTACT: Doug Taylor WMMusicHystericalSociety@yahoo.com

  5. admin says:

    We just posted new Pictures we got from Sully and Blackie of the Bavarian Inn and the Shamrock. Admin. Doug Taylor

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