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Bill Barber


Editor’s note: In February of 2012 I  talked to Lloyd Miller on the phone. He claims that he played drums on Bob Reinhardt’s first record “Baby Why Did You Have to Go” / “Your Kind of Love” from April of 1958 by Bob and the Rockbillies. He told me that this song was put together in Bob Tucker’s garage in the 1300 block of Thomas S.E. A disc jockey called Bill Barber (Bill Weideman) had a radio show from 3:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon at that time called Bill’s Barber Shop  and was playing some rock and roll on his show. Bill saw  the band play and liked this song. He invited them to play it on his radio show, and set up a recording session for them in Lansing. He also got them a gig at an Alan Freed show at the Civic Auditorium.

 This information comes from Dick Wolf, who also played for Bob Reinhardt as a bassist. “Bill Barber, a local DJ, had a radio show on WOOD radio called the “Barber Pole”, and he was our manager. He arranged a TV show we did for several months called “Sock Hop”. It aired on Saturday Mornings and was fashioned after Dick Clark’s Band Stand. We had a guest singer or band in each week and we also played each week.”

Bill Barber started Loki Records. Bob Reinhardt’s first single was recorded at Ted Maters recording

studio in Grand Rapids. Bill Barber (Weideman) resides in Grand Haven, Michigan.


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    Please read the information posted about one of Grand Rapid’s first rock and roll disc jockeys, Bill Barber.

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