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Blue Highway Band

Circa 1989 – Played a lot at the Wooden Keg in Sheridan, Michigan

Blue Highway Band circa 1989 Dan Lilly, Phyllis McGuire, Geff Vandersyde, and Al Hallengren

Band Members:

Dan Lilly

Phillis McGuire

Geff Vandersyde

Al Hallengren


One Response to Blue Highway Band

  1. Daniel Lilly says:

    Blue Highway was actually started by Dan Lilly(guitar/vocals), Geff Vandersyde(drums/vocals)and Allen Hallengren(bass/vocals) in1995 , Phyllis Starr being added in ’97 as lead singer and Devin Hallengren on drums in 2000…While we were the unofficial house band at the now defunct Wooden Keg(we were the band to play the last New Years there in 2000), we also played in Grand Rapids at River City Saloon, Holly’s Landing, Wyoming Moose, Westwood Ranch, The Bow Tie etc etc…Up north way we played 6 Lakes Bar, Crystal Lake Uptown & Lakeside bars, Lakeview Hotel, Club 66, Edmore Phenix, The Reno in Greenville and more…we had this lineup till the Blue Highway ended with members going into different projects of their own. We remain friends today and remember Blue Highway Band as a great way to slide into the new millennium and beyond! ???

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