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Bob Decocq

TNS Blues Band (Original Bass player)

5 Responses to Bob Decocq

  1. Doug Burkholder says:

    Woah ! left a hole-lotta -out Boster 😉

  2. Mary Medich says:

    Hey Bob!, so happy to see you’re doing well,you deserve it!! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT

  3. Bob Reilly says:

    Hey Bob , good to see your name up in lights ( so to speek ).Hope all is good with you. Lori and I are still down in Tn. and doin ok.Anyway I saw your name and just had to say hi. Bob.

  4. bob decocq says:

    tns blues band 1970-73. w/ randy nichols , dave dehoog

    county line band 1975-80 w/ tim & steve rider , al glission , dave boguski, john schwander

    shake russell band (houston tx.) 1981-84 w/ shake russell , rily osburn, jim alderman , rusty burns , dana cooper

    baker-decocq band , 1984-85 , w/ marshell baker , dave boguski , al glisson.

    mile marker 1985-90 , w/ denny gramza , dave lund , ric castleman, jimmy miller , mark byerly, bob hunt , roger harcourt , scott brightup

    just jake band 1990-2010 ,w/ roger harcourt , jimmy miller , ric castleman, john breen , rick wykoski , scott brightup

    jake & jimmy , 2008-present ,w / jim marcusse , ron keely, scott brightup

    dave hardin band , 2010- present , david hardin , mark huzinga , lauren bittenger. band is currently signed with nashville’s Ride Records

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