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Bob Mazur (RIP)

Jerry Van Trio, Metros, Choosen Ones, Don Henke & the Echomen – Horns (RIP) Bob use to test horns at York Band Instrument Company. Bob was also a certified Hypnotist.

(L-R) Phil Hamacher, Bob Mazur at Kik & Assoc. Music Store Christmas Party 1994








Donnie & the Echomen (Clockwise L-R) Bob Mazur, Willie Minier, Joe Thompson, Rod Bowman, Don Henke


Donnie & the Echomen (L-R) Rod Bowman, Joe Thomson, Don Henke, Bob Mazur, Willie Minier

2 Responses to Bob Mazur (RIP)

  1. James (Willie) Minier says:

    Bob was also the first woodwind foreman at Yamaha Musical Products.

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