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Bryce Roberson

Guitarist and sound recording engineer. Worked at Great Lakes in Sparta and Uncle Dirty’s Studio in Kalamazoo.


J. Bryce Roberson, Jazz And Blues Artist

July 15, 1993|By Kenan Heise, Tribune Staff Writer.
J. Bryce Roberson, 60, a blues and jazz musician and part of the “Chess Sound” in the 1950s and 1960s, was a guitarist, bassist and engineer in Chicago for Chess Records, Ter Mar Sudios and Universal Studios.

A resident of Hot Springs, Ark. for the last two years, he died July 6, 1993 in the AMI Medical Center in Hot Springs.

Below are his recording credits:

4 Responses to Bryce Roberson

  1. Aris P Hampers says:

    Bryce engineered my first single with my band Phlegethon “You’re No Good” at Great Lakes in Sparta in 1969. He and I immediately ‘hit it off’ within 5 minutes of meeting each other that first night, mostly, because of my large record collection, I knew almost all the Chess records he was bragging about playing on. 🙂 (The 1st Rotary Connection LP was a huge fave of mine at the time, and that’s him playing the sitar at the very beginning).

    We became great friends and the highlights of those few nights, were after our main sessions (which would usually end around 3am) we would then start ‘jamming’ blues/r&b and funky stuff until sunrise. In that big Sparta theater, it just sounded great – especially with Bryce’s incredible expertise on guitar.

    He was a cool guy – we had a strong mutual respect for each other’s musical knowledge and there was never any ego clashes – he was just a down to earth guy with great “ears”.

    It was a big plus that Dave Kalmbach brought him into the studio back then (Dave was getting kind of burned out doing session work – he stopped into our session a couple times to say hi, but let Bryce handle all the duties for this single – which was our last at Great Lakes).

    I lost touch with Bryce once he left for Kalamazoo to open ‘Uncle Dirty’s’. I kind of regret that now. But I have nothing but fond memories of that guy.

  2. Bruce Roberson also engineered and co-produced the 1976 debut album of the White Summer band.

  3. John Roberson says:

    Bryce was a legend and my grandfather my name John Roberson his son Vincent’s boy the humboldt ca legend would like to hear any old stories are are jams with my gramps if anyone could help the spirit of music and me and my son would greatly appreciate it are reach me at 7073825494

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