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Country/Country Rock/Bluegrass

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  1. admin says:

    Laurel or William, are there any names listed on these records, such as produced by _____________ or written by ______________. I’m curious who the members of the Ramblers are and what year the record was made? Thank you, Kim Rush

  2. Laurel DeLong says:

    I have a brand new 45 of this group as you specified above. Just getting ready to list it on Ebay. I was told $65 is a very good price to sell this one for.

    • Laurel DeLon says:

      No one responded to me since 2012 about that record except on here. I just found this again. I never did list it on Ebay and now it’s with hundreds of other records. Gotta search for it again.
      I left my email which is far easier to reach me.

  3. William Davis says:

    Looking for information (and copies of the 45) about a group called The Ramblers who recorded “Buzzin Bee” b/w “My Loving Wife” on the Sunrise label. It is listed on the label as coming from Sound Associates in Grand Rapids and it has a distinct rockabilly sound (though probably recorded in the late 60s or 70s). Anyone who can help?

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