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Darcy Eimer


Darcy Eimer

Darcy Eimer with Hattrick at Town Bar Hastings


This information was provided by Darcy Eimer:


Stage name: Darcy Eimer


Instruments: Lead Vocals, Trumpet, drums, keys, bass, guitar, harmonica
Bands: Pete Mervene’s Flashback 1988, All or Nothin 1990 to 1994, Side Show Lover 1994 to 1995, Pk and Bottoms Up 1995 to 2000, FTF 2000 to 2001, Cover Story 2001 to 2004 Mustang 2004 to 2007, Hattrick 2007 to 2008, Clockwork 2008 to 2009, Mustang 2009 to 2011, Stealing Hearts 2011 to 2013, Raven 2013 to 2014, 2014 out, fill in for Stolen Horses, Cover Story and Mustang reunion gigs.
Bio: Although I play many instruments, I am a master of the voice. I have been the lead vocalist of every band I have been in. I also have played every instrument except drums in at least one band. However, I have played extra percussion in every band. I come from a line of musicians including a Michigan Rock And Roll Hall of Famer’ Frank Eimer. I recently had slowed down my performing in 2015 to spend more time with family, however in 2016 I was paralyzed from the ribs down due to a pain doctors mistake during a pain epidural and I have lost my ability to sing. I am hoping it comes back along with walking, feeling my feet and legs, but if it doesn’t, I have had a lot of stage time which I have enjoyed.
Musicians I have played with over the years: Pete Mervene, Scott Bowen ,Frank Eimer, Tommy Davis, Stack Hill, Jeff Hall, Steve Shanta, Mike Clark, Jerry Spurgeon, Dave dj Johnson, Dave Hall, Dave Dombrowski, Mic And Mike Styburski, Bennie Keys Gerry Vanderstel, Eric Vanderstel, Steve Bouchard, Dave Vandervort, Doug Golden, Billy Dalton, Sherry and Dave Spencer, Ray and Joe Sanchez, Art Zima, Jeff Wicker, George Prenos, Brett Calvin, Dave Donahue, Ed Wager, Mike Boruta, Don Korbecki, Greg Smith, Kevin Griffith, Doug Slocum, Mark Swanson, Frank Pop, Stolen Horses, John Jennings, Sparky Harris,  J.R. Bell, Mark Kitner, Jonny Cramer and many more not in my memory right at this second, for which I apologize.
The reason I started to sing was actually Steve Perry. I fell in love with his voice and range. Journey  is still my favorite to perform. I have always wanted to try “I’m Cryin’”.
Darcy and Eric
Darcy Eimer and Eric VanderStel, at the Tony Gates Radio show.
Venues over the years: The most common 4 for me have been The Twisted Bull, The Log Cabin, Kuzzins, River City. Out of town: Wild Bull-Kzoo, Log Cabin -Muir, CacCun Connection- Muskegon, Eagles Club- Fruit port, Gun Lake Casino. We of course played other places such as The Muze, Riverfront hotel (Holly Landing), Itty, Bitty Bar, Quaker Stake and Lube, Flos, Crazy Horse/ Spectators, several other casinos this side of the bridge and over into the UP. Even played a Wedding in North Aurora IL with Coversory.
I prefer rock music to country, but I believe I sing country music better.
I have done recordings in the past. Most have been lost over the years, I only have  2 left. 1 is rock recorded in 1999 called Bad Habits the other country recorded with Mustang in I believe in 2009.
Raven performing Heart’s Barracuda:












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  1. George Prenos says:

    Darcy call me,i moved to Charlotte and am looking for a band….248-826-9928 George prenos

  2. admin says:

    Darcy Eimer’s page has been updated and improved, with information and photos from Darcy! (Kim Rush)

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