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Dave Pryce

Chaos Incorporated, Root Beer Stand Band, Phlegethon, Fast Eddy, Marbles


From Dave Pryce:  “My first band at EGR High (in 1965) was Chaos Inc.     Members were:  Larry Ballard- Vocals , Bud Rosenbaum- Guitar, Greg Grosseck- Bass, Steve Hamp- Drums, Steve Mackay-Sax, Dave Pryce- Guitar.  We played all over Michigan, and were booked by Gertrude Barnes. We played at 44th St. Armory… The Pits 1-2-3 Downtown GR. …at  Daniels Den in Saginaw we played shows with the Byrds ( when he was Jim McGuinn )… Gary Lewis and the Playboys.  Steve Mackay still plays with Stooges.  The second band I helped form was ” The Rootbeer Stand Band”, which had members of   The Intruders…. but I was never in The Intruders.  The third band was Phlegethon … fourth band was ” Fast Eddie” … The bass player in Fast Eddie was Paul Kaminga.  We never played out …. but we recorded a single of “Hey Lou” and “Do You Want to Make Love.”  Paul Kamminga financed that whole thing.  The fifth band was Marbles …. Paul Degi, our drummer passed away a while back.”

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  1. Dennis Black. says:

    Dave. Speaking with someone about Al Bashara recently your name came up. I thought it would be nice to see what u were up to at this point in time. Unless of course u don’t even remember who I am then just disregard this. And if I owe u large sums of money u can definitely disregard this. As far as any other possibilities, I believe the statute of limitations covers me. Whatever, if u remember me it would be nice to hear from you and I do hope you are well.

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