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David Clelland

Tom Carter and the Ramrods, (1961-1966), Soundsations (1966), Natural (1984) Kenny Gordon – (Drums)

Soundsations at Westgate (1966)











Tom Carter

Tom Carter and The Ramrods – Johnny F. Boggs – organ,  Bob Hey – bass from Union, Patsy Stevens, Schuiteman from Creston, Tom Carter from Creston, Dave Clelland spring of ’65 for the Morley Stanwood prom.

Tom Carter & The Ramrods

Tom Carter and the Ramrods. This is 1964 or 65. This on Fernando street where Tom Carter grew up close to Leonard and Lafayette. Jack Carter (Tom’s dad) took this and many more. We rehearsed in this room every Tuesday night and on Saturday morning it became a recording studio. That’s Tom Carter on the left, Patsy Stevens, David Clelland, Johnny Boggs and Bob Hey.

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