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Denny Newville

The J.B.Trio, Second Story Window, Kingtones Warlock, Alive & On Fire, Roy Middleton Trio, The Changes, Bill Shepard Band, (Drums)



My past well, “The J.B.Trio”, “Second Story Window” “The King Tones”, “Warlock”, Partied w/ Dickie Betts “The Allman Brothers” I recon that don’t count. “Alive & On Fire” with Wilton Mache, The Great “Roy Middleton Trio”, Jammed w/Del Shannon (once upon a time), “The Changes”, Bobby Debarge, Ricky Collier & Friends”, The “Bill Shepard Band”, Opened with Mylon Lefevre Former lead singer of “Atlanta Rhythm Section” and lead singer for Broken Heart, Virginia Hill (Tammy Trent’s sister), Charlie Huhn, The Awesome Robert Pace and Much studio time, etc., etc., etc. NOT IN ORDER!

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