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Doug Slocum

Shaggs, Horsefeather, Gordon Thayer Band, The Beveridge Brothers Band (Slide guitar, guitar, vocals) (RIP – February 2016)

Posted in honor of Doug Slocum, Horsefeather featuring Doug Slocum on Statesboro Blues…https://soundcloud.com/markswansonmusic/statesboro-blues https://soundcloud.com/markswansonmusic/statesboro-blues

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September 16, 2016

In memory of my old friend and bandmate Doug Slocum. Just found out he passed in february, and we never got a chance to say goodbye or pay him tribute, so here we go. RIP old friend.
I dug out a couple of old recordings. This is one of Doug’s favorite songs to play. He played his slide guitar on this one, and he lets it rip. This shows what a great musician he was, the recording here is not great because it was made on a cassette recorder in a bar in 1984 or so…it might have been recorded on the very night that picture was taken because I can see a mic on the floor in front of Doug and that’s how we used to do it. Anyway, this is Horsefeather featuring Doug Slocum on Statesboro Blues…


Horsefeather featuring Doug Slocum


The Beverage Brothers Band (L-R) Doug Slocum (Lead guitar), Don Bob Bush (guitar), Harry Beverage (Drums), Hal Beverage (Bass)

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