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Gospel Believers



 The Gospel Believers are one of the finest vocal gospel groups to have emerged from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their first concert was in Grand Rapids at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, where they opened for the Pilgrim Jubilees and Mama Lou (Lou Della Evans Reid.)  They have since accompanied nearly every major gospel group including The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Canton Spirituals, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s, The Gospel Keynotes, The Jackson Southernaires, Doc McKenzie and the Hi-Lites, Tim Rogers and the Fellas, Darrell McFadden, The Williams Brothers, Spencer Taylor and the Highway QC’s, The Racy Brothers, Robert Blair and the Fantastic Violinaires, and Keith Wonderboy Johnson.

 The Gospel Believers sound has evolved from the same tremendous Grand Rapids tradition of gospel music which includes the Pilgrim Wonders and the Gospel Tones. Thomas (Jabo) Cole, Terry Smith, John Parker, the late Johnny Roberson and James Ross first assembled in 1990 to create the original version of their group.

 Eventually they added Terry’s brother, Kevin. George Cooperwood was also brought in to share the lead vocal chores with Thomas Cole. Regardless of any changes they experienced through the years, the mission of serving the Lord through the ministry of song has always been their primary focus.

 Much of the band’s enduring success is due to the assistance of gospel concert producer Lee Virgins, who has also enjoyed a lengthy career as both a singer and promoter. Lee shared his vocal talents with Al Green in the 1960s, before the future Reverend Green left Grand Rapids to become a popular entertainer. Lee has been helping the Gospel Believers since their start, and has recently secured a recording contract for the group with Atlanta-based Crew Records.


The Gospel Believers have produced three fine albums of original music. Their first was entitled “Old Grand Dad” from 2001, followed by “Everything I Own,” which was released in 2010, as well as their new CD called “In the House.”

 Please contact George Cooperwood at 616-247-3968 or Lee Virgins at 616-281-1524 for booking information.

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