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Grand Haven Roller Rink

Grand Haven

9 Responses to Grand Haven Roller Rink

  1. Nannette Kraai says:

    The beach bash started in 1962,Dick and DeDee were early singers who played there.Music kept changing groups got more famous,WTRU did all the promotion and advertising and hiring of groups.
    There were a lot of college groups, Pop corn blizzard played many times
    The more famous ones were as follows, Rip Cords,Tommy James, Lemon Pippers,The Birds,Mitch Ryder,Pink Floyd,Alice Cooper(did not bite anything) Bobby Goldsboro,the Turtles and the Kinks.Bob Segar also,most were up and coming groups,if they were in Chicago Or Detroit they could be booked.The Kraai family provided the building and equipment and cleaned up after each dance. Summer every Wednesday night and Saturday night, winter just Saturday nights,There were more groups than I can recall but I was there just about every night.
    Admission was never less than two bucks. To make change and get people in the door would be to crazy, the dances died out about 1972 maybe 1973.
    There were a bunch of really good dancers that came every week and the funny thing is the crowd moved around the dance floor like they were skating,a counter clock wise circular movement.

  2. N Kraai says:

    I worked just about every dance they had at the beach bash their was never a time when an admission was a dollar fifty or a dollar seventy five. Alice Cooper was there twice and he did not bite the head off anything, he did however wear a leopard skin with no underwear. He swung a large knife that cut the ceiling up.
    The house lights were controlled in an electrical box at the front of the building, no one changed them for any reason.
    Pink Floyd was there also the Rip cords Bobby Goldsboro the Birds many more.WTRU was a co owner/sponser of the dances maybe they would have a complete list.They booked all the groups

  3. Rick Young says:

    Great memories of the rink. I bummed a quarter to get in from Alice Cooper while he and the band were outside before a show. It cost a buck-quarter to get in and I was short two bits. After his first song he said “Hey. Where is the cat who hit me up for the quarter? Turn up the house lights. There you are. Just checking. Ready to rock?” Great show.

  4. Ed Bouwsma says:


    • Ron says:

      Tommy James and the Shondells.

    • JoAnn Dixon says:

      I knew that I had seen Alice at roller rink, but it is hard to find info on that concert. Was he playing with Spiders? Do you know what the date was? I was standing right in front of stage. Did he bite a chicken or something? Can’t really remember, but seems he did something very odd.. Still love the guy.

    • Ken Turner says:

      I was just a 16 year old kid in 1969 when I ventured into the Grand Haven Roller Rink and Ballroom! It was the best summer of my life. Great music all the time!!

  5. Sue Chapla says:

    I just wondered if there is an account of all the bands that played at the Roller Rink in the late 60’s and early 70’s?

    • Sue, If someone comes up with a list of bands that played there in that time period, PLEASE, share the list with me, as it’s pretty interesting to know all the bands that played there. We pretty much have a complete list of groups that played at the famous Club Ponytail in Harbor Springs. Admin, Doug Taylor

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