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close up of the picture above this one (Headhunters 1967)

the Headhunters in 1967


The Headhunters from Lowell on Fenton

The Headhunters from Lowell on Fenton
















Headhunters – Time We Share – Youtube (3:28 Min.)

This group hailed from somewhere in Michigan. This record was not a huge record even locally, but part of the reason for that is because all copies of the record (that I’ve found, anyway) had the labels reversed — seems that they changed which record was to be the A side, after the stampers were cut, so without changing the matrix on the labels, the labels were pressed onto the sides that matched the matrix numbers in the trail-out area… so while this side is called Times We Share, it was pressed onto the side that played Think What You’ve Done. Either way, it’s a really good record. I wish I knew more about the band though. You can hear great records like this one live on www.topshelfoldies.org!


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