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Hitch Hikers


Band Members:

  • Ralph Cole

One Response to Hitch Hikers

  1. Hi Ralph. I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I was in a band, “The Keystones” that was playing during your era. I was in an early make-up of the band & Danny Watson was our keyboard player. He went on to play with Bob Seeger. Danny was a keyboard prodigy when he was with us at 13 years old. I remember many days trying to convince his Mom to let him play with us at some “chicken-wired stage” bar gig. Guess we were so early that bands like the “Hitch Hikers” & “The Keystones” don’t get much recognition – it was the very early days of rock bands (that actually played gigs) in the Kalamazoo area. I was amazed that the “Blue Pooh” club in Kzoo wasn’t even included in the “Venue” section. Do you have any video from those days? I’d be interested in seeing anything you saved. I do remember that the “Hitch Hiker’s” & “Keystones” were two of the only bands with our own dedicated vans, lol! Most other bands were still showing up in individual cars or their parent’s borrowed van – early days.

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