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Jay Walker


Jay Walker Show – WGRD – Fab 14 – 1410 AM


Jay Walker became Sonny Fox and was very succesful in developing the AOR format in Philidelphia. He then went on to Miami to do mornings at KISS Country and now is on XM Radio progrming the comedy channels.

waxidermy.com?3 commentsJay Walker Effort – ‘Paper Dolls’ – ScottAdded on January 31, 2008 by soul_hawkObscure acid rock stomper from Grand Rapids Michigan: fuzzy dual guitar shredding and psychedelic Leslie speaker vocals are backed by clattering drums & shaker action. An imaginative friend of mine once wrote th…

Tom Olejniczak:  Jay Walker had a show only on WGRD 1410 for a time in 1969.

4 Responses to Jay Walker

  1. Mick Lane says:

    Jay and Sally were friends of mine. Mack and I used to hang out at his house on Fuller, just north of Lake Drive. One vivid memory is sitting in Jay’s living room watching LBJ announce that he would not run for re-election.When Jay’s buddy from Laurel Canyon, California came to town to stay a bit, they started the band you folks are talking about. The guitar players name was Tom Huntley. If your old brains can remember that far back, Tom had below the shoulder length wavy brown hair and round glasses. He almost always wore a buckskin jacket that was popular at the time.

    Later, when I was living in California, Tom Rohrabacher (King T, Wayne Thomas) and I had dinner occasionally. He was on KCBQ, with air name of China Smith. He first used the name China Smith in San Diego, then moved on to an LA gig at KDAY. While I was living in Chula Vista (suburb of San Diego), he and Jay Walker came by for a visit to talk about old times. This was back in the early 70’s. Given the number of years that have passed, I can’t remember if Jay was there to visit, or if he was working in SoCal. But I do remember a lot of laughs, and a strange odor in the air ***chuckle***. Good days!

  2. Jack Tiggleman says:

    Jay was one of my favorite WGRD jockeys…and I remember George Gump. I think his “Jay Walker Effort” played a few numbers at Creston High School…did a pretty good cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression.”

  3. Matt says:

    Jay also worked in 71 at CHUM in Toronto. Hey Mark, do you have any airchecks of your days at GRD? Whatever happened to L.D. Smith?

  4. Mark Richards says:

    Fond memories of Jay. I did mid-days at WGRD from ’70 to ’71, well after Jay was there.

    But he (with the Jayhawkers) were the band for my high school graduation party in Saginaw in 1966.

    Later, I ran camera at the Saginaw CBS television affiliate. Jay was there ONLY because he refused to follow format on the the TV’s radio affiliate. The radio station program director would “punish” Jay by “firing” (suspending?)him and having the TV station hire him during the “suspension.” This insured that no other radio station would grab him away during the “suspension.”

    Jay later surfaced in Philly where he handled morning. The next I heard was when he was programing for various XM channels.

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