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Jeff Boughner

Soulbenders – (Guitar) (RIP) He passed away in late ’06 or early ’07. Although his roots were in rock, he was a very eclectic player.  He used to work at Rat Records – they were the first record shop in that building in Eastown that had that wooden tree branch front on it, next to the old Yacht Club. Rat was owned by David Schwartz, who has since also passed away. Years later Jeff was a manager at Schuler’s bookstore.  He maintained a good jazz CD selection there.

2 Responses to Jeff Boughner

  1. Mark DePree says:

    I recorded two Blue Nebula records at my Aartvark Productions studio.
    The band was a joy to work with. They really had the music down and
    were very professional about recording. Jeff would come in later and
    do overdubs of his guitar. It was incredibly to see him work coming up
    with layers of sounds. It wouldn’t make sense at first but Jeff had it all
    in his head and by the fourth overdub it would all fall into place.
    Very creative guy. We mixed it all down together too and that was
    work but fun work. I was glad to know Jeff.

  2. Ryan Boughner says:

    February 17, 2007. That’s when he passed. He also played in Blue Nebula with whom he won two WYCE Jammies for best jazz album. Just a little added info.

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