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Jim Everhart

Ramrods, Epsilons, The Magic Toy Shop, River Rogues Jazz Band (Keyboards) Played 25 years five nights a week at Village Inn Pizza Parlor

The River Rogues Jazz Band  (L-R) David L. Wells, David Schock, Dave Ksycki, Jim Everhart, Paul Keen, Ken Huisman, Dave Kadwell

The River Rogues Jazz Band (L-R) David L. Wells, David Schock, Dave Ksycki, Jim Everhart, Paul Keen, Ken Huisman, Dave Kadwell

Jim has played his piano in local and regional venues for over 45 years. In the early days Jim played organ and keyboard for several rock and roll bands, including the Ramrods. His interest expanded to traditional dance bands, then jazz and novelty offshoots like sing-a-long environments. He founded musical ensembles in each niche: The Epsilons, The Magic Toyshop, The Gentlemen of Ragtime and now the fabulous River Rogues Jazz Band. This is a hot brand of traditional New Orleans style jazz.


Jim Everhart:

I took piano lessons for many years as a youngster and, later, majored in Music Education and Performance at Western Michigan University.  I pursued a career in business but always maintained music as an avocation. 

In my sophomore year of high school,  I played with “The Ramrods”, a regionally popular Rock band from the 50’s and 60’s.  In 1965 I founded “The Epsilons”, a 4-peice pop group and early in 1966 I formed “The Magic Toy Shop”, a 5-peice rock group that performed almost exclusively for local college fraternity parties. 
In November of 1967, while pursuing a college education, I disbanded “The Magic Toy Shop” and retired from the “Ramrods” to play five nights each week for the Village Inn Pizza Parlor of Michigan. 
This position endured for almost twenty five years while I settled into sales/management as a career.  In the spring of 1998 I co-founded the popular “River Rogues Jazz Band” and created “A Sentimental Journey” in 2005.  I am currently the business manager and performing piano player in both groups.  I am also the General Manager of Molesta Floral Co.
I have performed for many venues over the years:
* Restaurants
* Country Clubs
* Corporate Events
* Festivals
* Conventions
* Etc., Etc.
I am very proud of “A Sentimental Journey”!!!! 
Contact Jim Everhart for more information
Telephone: (616) 915-9840
E-mail: jameseverhart1354@gmail.com

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  1. David Mix says:

    Jim………Looking to see if the River Rogues Jazz Band is still performing. Would like to discuss.

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