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Jimmy Stagger (AKA Jimmy Steigmeir)

Concert poster from show at Grand Valley State College for Jimmy Steigmeyer AKA Jimmy Stagger with Frank Salamone (2.4.73)  [source is the Digital Collections from GVSU website]



Jimmy Stagger Band, Jake the Shake

2 Responses to Jimmy Stagger (AKA Jimmy Steigmeir)

  1. john olszewski says:

    How come you have so little info on Jimmy Stagger?

    • Because this is An Interactive Archival Database for West Michigan Music History and it hasn’t been shared or sent in. Go look at Dick Wagner’s page. He took the time to augment his page, so his legacy shows what he did. He died a month and a half after doing so. Jerry Brown from Kalamazoo also did the same. He sent me 333 photos in 12 different albums WITH captions on each photo and I posted every one of them. Common People did the same thing, they did a wonderful job on showing their biography. So I say again and again: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” Their page was made for their legacy, not yours not mine, theirs. Webmaster, Doug Taylor

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