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Kevin Radeke

Natchez Trace – (Guitar) (RIP)

Natchez Trace record cover for I miss Mississippi, and Ol 55 – Dan Parsons, Kevin Radeke, Ronn Burke












Sheila Herrington (Kevin’s Sister)

Hi again..I am sending you pictures of my brother Kevin Radeke.For his Bio page. You had asked me if a while back for some. I had sent some of these to Steve Damstra..I didnt know whether or not he sent them to you or not.
I do not have exact dates of the photo’s…There is one I got thru Ed Kettle who at the time was their manager..it is with Dan Parsons,Ronn Burke & Kevin. @ with Buck Berry. Also random pictures I scanned one night , his sophmore yr picture from West Catholic,his Graduation picture,a picture from when he was in California, another when he was probably 14, when he first picked up playing the guitar. Interesting note for his Bio..is Kevin -Self- Taught himself to play the guitar. I can remember growing up listening to him play to songs on the radio, or when my Mom and other brother Mark, jammed in my parents dining room. Mom singing and Mark on piano & Kevin strummin his guitar…Beautiful memories…miss all 3 of them soooo much?


Sheila Radeke- Herrington



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